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Cedar Mountain Designs maintains an inventory of select, unique pieces of art that are available for you to purchase. Our selection and pricing is always updating, so check back in frequently or get in touch with us if you have interest in a specific piece. Because after all...

It's not just a carving... It's a Cedar Mountain.


    Price: 4,000.00

    Size: 6 1/2' tall, 6' wide

    Eagle Essence is an award-winning carving made out of a single log, taken apart, and fitted back together. Its unique and breathtaking finishing process, which involved soaking it in kerosene and lighting it on fire, creates a one-of-a-kind look that is completed with the base smoothed down to a very fine and appropriately rustic finish.


    Price: 4,000.00

    Size: 8 1/2' tall, 6' wide

    Creatively imagined and beautifully carved, this truly unique piece is a delightful and comfortable bench that is bookended with a pair of vibrant dragonflies on one side and two large yellow flowers on the other. Designed to work as both a functional indoor piece or an eye-catching outdoor decoration, people will fall in love with this splashy, artistic carving.

    Quad Cubs

    Price: 4,500.00


    The gang's all here in this fun, impressive piece that features four cubs playfully climbing around a beautiful old tree. One cub is scratching his back on the top branch, another is crawling through a hole in the base, and the other two cubs are just hanging around. The tree stands 8' tall and can be kept both indoors and outdoors.


    Price: 5,500.00

    Size: 8 1/2' tall

    Born from a carving competition with a story theme, "The Lunchtime Race" is a breathtaking piece that features a bald eagle with a rainbow trout in its talons, a pileated woodpecker eating bugs in the bark, and a beaver at the bottom working his way through the trunk of the tree. Bursting with color and rich with incredible detail, this engaging "Who Will Win?" carving is truly in its own category.


    Price: 575.00

    Size: 2' tall

    Nothing will welcome you home quite like this adorable bear cub. Designed to be climbing a square post, he is two feet tall and can be placed inside or outdoors. Installation is a breeze; all you need is a nail or screw placed in the corner of your post, and the bear has a hole in his chest to accept the head of the screw to secure him to his perch.

  • CMD171203

    Price: 350.00

    Size: L24"xW16"xH7"


    Price: 375.00

    Size: L29"xW18"xH8"


    Price: 950.00

    Size: 5'tall x 21"dia


    Price: 750.00

    Size: 55"tall x 19"dia


  • "You truly created a masterpiece of epic scale! I can't tell you how pleased Kathi and I are to showcase it in our home. Thanks so very much Heath and Hillary—it was a pleasure working with you and we could not be happier."

    — Roger and Kathi

  • "We can’t wait to display your artwork. We LOVE our bear and can’t thank you enough for your handiwork and for taking the time to carve it for us."

    — Sylvia B., USA

  • "The bear they carved looks so nice in our outdoor kitchen. The grand kids really love him and it really makes the pavilion look cozy. What a great job."

    — Debbie M., USA

  • "Thanks for the excellent work on the carvings.They are absolutely exceptional and I know I’ll enjoy them for a long time."

    — Dave T., USA

  • "The mantle and carvings were just gorgeous! We opened up the crate and couldn’t believe how great they all looked. The wood they chose for the mantle was stunning and the carvings were perfect."

    — Kris B., USA

  • "Such a fantastic job on the bench—it is so special. It was a pleasure doing business with you; I’m sure we’ll be getting more bears from you in the future."

    — Elaine, USA

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