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What they’re saying

“We can’t wait to display your artwork. We LOVE our bear and can’t thank you enough for your handiwork and for taking the time to carve it for us.”

Sylvia B., USA

Meet Your Carvers

Video of us in action

We are Heath and Hillary Bender, and we have been creating chainsaw art in Northeastern Pennsylvania since 1991.

Cedar Mountain Designs has been our full-time passion for over a decade. We’ve journeyed across the entire United States, participating in shows, benefits, and competitions of all kinds. Most of our wildlife-based pieces are crafted out of eastern white pine, but throughout our many years of carving we’ve used a variety of hardwood and softwood species to create a particular desired effect in specific pieces.

Our subject matter expands far beyond wildlife. We’ve fashioned countless types of furniture, d├ęcor, signs, and so much more with our chainsaw blades, showcasing our handiwork in a myriad of equally endearing and extraordinary manners. And as artists, we’re always looking for new ways to give expression to the amazing world around us, and we look forward to many more years of life in Pennsylvania as chainsaw artists.


In every carving we do, the life of the log we start with is preserved for posterity in the beautiful finished product.


With care for our forests, our ‘naturally-downed trees first’ approach protects as much of the surrounding beauty as possible.


Our absolute best goes into every carving we do, out of respect for the origin of our canvas and for the satisfaction of our clients.

Our Portfolio