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Stump Carvings

The epitome of ‘art that respects the land,’ Cedar Mountain stump carvings are a beautiful, meaningful way to repurpose tree bases into an expressive design that adds tasteful appeal to any yard or property.

Custom Designs

Since rooted stump carvings are immobile, we travel to your location and engineer a design with you that will best utilize the available canvas to create whatever you want. Every stump, based on its shape and size, offers a myriad of possibilities with it. And using our experience and your inspiration, the finished product will be one that captures your vision creates an heirloom piece for your property.

Artistry On-site

One of the many benefits of an on-site stump carving by Cedar Mountain Designs is the opportunity to watch your piece take shape and come to life right in front of your eyes during the carving process. As your stumps transforms in a matter of days, you’ll be able to witness the step-by-step progression of your carving and gain appreciation for the level of detail that goes into creating it.

Attachable Options

If your stump on-site is not adequately sized for the design you have in mind, we offer the ability to attach our own timber to provide the extra materials necessary. It’s seamless, undetectable, and can take your sculpture to next level. So dream big-- regardless of how big or small the starting point, Cedar Mountain Designs can deliver your vision to the finished product.

What they’re saying

“Such a fantastic job on the bench—it is so special. It was a pleasure doing business with you; I’m sure we’ll be getting more bears from you in the future.”

Elaine, USA

Stump Carvings Portfolio