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Interior Designs

There are few better ways of bringing beauty and style to interior decorating than introducing a piece of the great outdoors. Lampstands, mantles, railings, and more… bring a touch of natural wooded elegance to any room in any home using one of our existing pieces or by custom ordering your own. And for log homes and timber frames, we offer interior design consultation and in-progress furnishing.

Design Consultation

Cedar Mountain Designs has years of experience in furnishing and decorating interior settings that reflect our passion for nature and the world around us. While most interior decoration takes place after construction, log homes and cabins and timber frames offer the unique ability to carve designs directly into the structural elements of the building—allowing for truly breathtaking artistic integration in every room. If you have a log home or will be constructing one soon, ask us about Cedar Mountain Designs consultation.

Custom Built-ins

For less intensive design integration, Cedar Mountain offers custom built-ins that are the perfect way to introduce an artistic and natural look and feel to living rooms, offices, bedrooms, stair railings, and more. Fireplace mantles are an oft-requested specialty, as well as kitchen islands and support beam add-ons. There are countless ways to integrate carved art into your home—if you don’t believe us, just browse our gallery!


Smaller, more decorative pieces, Cedar Mountain attachables are a simple yet endearing method of decorating that allow you to affix carved art to railings, shelves, mantles, and more. Completely detachable, easily moved, and custom built specifically for you, our Railing Bears and other attachable pieces are the perfect addition to a rustic and naturally decorated environment.

Furniture and Decor

Tables, benches, barstools, chairs, counters, lamps, wet bars, and coat racks are just a few of the countless ways we’ve brought the great outdoors into homes and offices of all kinds. Some we produce consistently; most come made-to-order. Browse our gallery and see all the different ways Cedar Mountain Designs can carve out a statement piece (or pieces) for your home or business interior.

What they’re saying

“Thanks for the excellent work on the carvings.They are absolutely exceptional and I know I’ll enjoy them for a long time.”

Dave T., USA

Interior Designs Portfolio