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Exterior Designs

Cedar Mountain offers the ability to design and create exterior statement pieces that can bring a natural flair to the landscaping of your home or facility. Gardens, gates, porches, and more all possess the potential to house a design that reflects your personality in the exterior of your location. Browse our gallery and develop your own vision for how Cedar Mountain Designs can create an exterior design for your property.

Standing Log Carvings

The most varied and customizable of our products, standing log carvings are fashioned from carefully selected logs that best accommodate the design in mind and, as a finished product, are capable of both standing in place and being easily moved to another location. Some carvings are fashioned from a single piece of wood; others require three or more. We’re always expanding our carving repertoire, and this type of carving gives us the freedom to both reproduce our favorite designs and create different subjects with our chainsaws.


Nothing says “Welcome” like a one-of-kind, Cedar Mountain original sign carving. Designed to your specifications and guaranteed to impress, these creations are thoroughly customizable and are capable of fitting beautifully into whatever environment they’re placed in. For homes, businesses, or even parks and nature trails, carved signs from Cedar Mountain Designs make a statement in more ways than one.


Make your entrance point aesthetically pleasing and noteworthy by incorporating a Cedar Mountain original right into the structure itself. It adds style and class to an otherwise uninteresting bit of architecture, and it’s a great way to make a personal statement at the entrance to your property!

What they’re saying

“The mantle and carvings were just gorgeous! We opened up the crate and couldn’t believe how great they all looked. The wood they chose for the mantle was stunning and the carvings were perfect.”

Kris B., USA

Exterior Designs Portfolio