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Carving Your Vision

Chainsaw carving presents a unique opportunity for the artist and the client to interact in a way that allows for truly custom pieces, made specifically for you and to your specifications with as little or as much input as you desire. We work from highly-detailed, proportionately-sketched blueprints, or from concepts scribbled on a napkin. Anything you can imagine, we can create—all we need is a piece of wood.

From Concept…

Every Cedar Mountain design starts with an idea. We work closely with our clients to help formulate and develop their vision into a design that gives perfect expression to their original idea, integrating artistic and nuanced details. If you don’t have timber of your own, we can help you select the best-suited piece from our standing log field to create the perfect carving. We take into account various aspects of sculpture placement and size to ensure that your piece is ideally suited for your location and designed to your satisfaction.

To Blueprint…

Once a design is finalized, the plotting out and planning of the finished product takes place. If the base piece is a stump on your property, you get to view the progression of the design from the sculpting out of the foundation shape to the precise integration of the finer details. Otherwise, we work from our studio to sculpt out a design that matches the original blueprint and allows your vision to come to life.

…To Masterpiece

We give careful attention to every detail of the sculpture to make it look as lifelike as possible. Whether it’s fur on a bear or feathers on a bird, the surface of each carving receives the highest level of scrutiny and precision to generate a realistic and accurate representation of the subject. Only after we are completely satisfied with the rendering of the design do we begin taking the steps of applying the desired colors and coating the piece for preservation.

All these steps and more are instrumental in bringing about a finished product that displays your vision in a tangible form and allows you to decorate your home or property with a visual representation of something meaningful to you. Because every piece is unique, the time and materials necessary to complete the sculpture will vary piece to piece; most carvings are completed in a matter of days. For our customers, we promise one thing—your Cedar Mountain design will be tailor-made for you, crafted to your specifications with satisfaction guaranteed.

What they’re saying

“We can’t wait to display your artwork. We LOVE our bear and can’t thank you enough for your handiwork and for taking the time to carve it for us.”

Sylvia B., USA

Our Portfolio


Standing Log Field

Cedar Mountain Designs works with perfectly formed, hand-selected logs to ensure the best possible finished product. Our standing log field is a varied collection of logs. many naturally-downed trees, to accommodate all types of design. If you don’t have a specific stump or piece of wood in mind for your carving, we can help you choose the perfect log from our selection.