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The Bears’ Den

Truly one of our specialties, Cedar Mountain Designs carves lifelike bears with careful attention given to every detail and to their expressions, whether that be realistic, joyful, pleasant… you decide. We carve your vision. Whatever the size and however it’s used, tell us about your own idea, or choose from our favorite pre-carved designs. For all sizes and shapes, we promise to deliver a finished product that encapsulates both the personality you want your sculpture to have and the subtle details that bring your bear to life.

We don’t carve our bears to look like carved bears. We carve them to look like bears. And every species of bear has unique details in its anatomy that give it a distinct look and appearance, and these details are carefully integrated into our carvings to most accurately represent that species. We’ve studied the anatomies of different species of bears to correctly incorporate these differences—in other words, you won’t receive a black bear with a polar bear-shaped head. It’s just another way we go the extra mile to create a detailed, anatomically-correct bear for you.

The Bears’ Den Portfolio

What they’re saying

“The bear they carved looks so nice in our outdoor kitchen. The grand kids really love him and it really makes the pavilion look cozy. What a great job.”

Debbie M., USA